Current Trail Conditions | Luchstrail im Gesäuse
Brücke über Fluss - Etappe 9

Current Trail Conditions

Find the current condition of the trail’s stages – whether open, closed or diverted. Storms can result in diversions.


The Stages

All stages are open after Winter. In some higher places be careful when crossing snow.

Stage 11 is currently closed between Dürrenstein and Lunz. Alternative route from Ybbstaler Hütte via Lechnergraben to Lunz is open. Dürrenstein peak is possible, 2 h from Ybbstaler Hütte, way back on same trail to Ybbstalerhütte and then tale Lechnergraben to Lunz.

Stage  Start Destination Open/Closed
E01 Reichraming Anlaufalm open
E02  Anlaufalm  Laussabaueralm open
E03  Laussabaueralm  Admont open
E04  Admont Klinkehütte open
E05  Klinkehütte  Bergsteigerdorf Johnsbach open
E06  Bergsteigerdorf Johnsbach Ennstaller Hütte open
E07  Ennstaller Hütte Mooslandl open
E08  Mooslandl Palfau open
E09  Palfau Lassing open
E10  Lassing Göstling open
E11  Göstling Lunz am See open