Signage and Orientation | Luchstrail im Gesäuse
Hoch am Berg

Signage and Orientation

Lynx see well, hear well, smell well and have an amazing sense of orientation.

So that you don't get lost, the Lynx Trail follows existing waymarked trails with the trail logo added. The Lynx Trail logo is usually attached to existing trail markers as an additional 10 x 13 cm sign. The arrows always point in the direction of Lunz am See. Sometimes only a sticker of the Lynx Trail logo is attached onto existing signs. Spray markings of the logo along the route will also guide you.
Beschilderung im Wald

Important information: storms, avalanches and other causes might temporarely interupt signage. Never hike without a map. Digital maps can´t replace paper maps, but are a good complement. Don´t forget to download your maps, online access in the area is limited. Recommandation:



Stage marking

Recommendation for memory photos

At the stage locations you will find boards made of stainless steel. The start sign is located in the center of Reichraming (see photo). The finish board is located directly at the Haus der Wildnis in the mountaineering village of Lunz.