Lynx Trail Daily Stages | Luchstrail im Gesäuse
Wanderung durch das Feld

Lynx Trail Daily Stages

Walking from Kalkalpen National Park through Gesäuse National Park to Dürrenstein-Lassingtal Wilderness-Area.

Trail Stages

Waldbild von Etappe 1

Stage 1: to the Anlaufalm

Entry into wilderness: through the Kalkalpen National Park's wild forests on stunning narrow trails.
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Wald- und Bergaussicht auf Etappe 2

Stage 2: onto the Laussabaueralm

In the midst of the lynx's realm: through the lonely Hintergebirge to the rustic Laussabaueralm.
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Stage 3: to Admont

Back to Civilization: over the Haller Walls to Admont with its famous Abbey.
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Hoch am Berg

Stage 4: to the Klinke mountain hut

Alpine flair: From Admont to the Scheiblegger Hochalm, down to the Kaiserau and on to the Klinke Hut.
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Wandern durch das Feld

Stage 5: to Johnsbach

Far-reaching views: from the viewing platform looking towards the Gesäuse Mountains and the mountain-climbing village of Johnsbach
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Ausblick vom Berg auf Etappe 6

Stage 6: to the Ennstaller mountain hut

From the mountaineering village of Johnsbach along the Sagenweg trail, passing the Weidendom Visitors Center, through Gstatterboden to the Ennstaller hut.
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Wanderung hoch am Berg

Stage 7: to Mooslandl

Steep uphill: cross the northern Gesäuse Mountains past the Ennstaler mountain hut
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Wandern über die Wiese bei Etappe 8

Stage 8: to Palfau

Varied: along the valley accompanied by the wild Salza river und through the impressive Noth Gorge.
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Wanderung über ein offenes, steiles Feld auf Etappe 9

Stage 9: to Lassing

Reward for hard work: grand finale in Mendlingtal at the finish of a long but beautiful stage.
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Hoch am Berg mit Ausblick von Etappe 10

Stage 10: to Gőstling

Step into the wilderness: a lonely high-altitude hike past the Hochkar ski area to the Dürrenstein wilderness area.
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Waldbild von Etappe 11

Stage 11: to Lunz am See

An impressive final challenge: cross the Dürrenstein Mountains and go through the charming Seetal Valley to finish with a dip in the Lunzer See (lake).
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